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Garden Retail and Builders Merchants

Fantastic products for Garden Retailers and Building Merchants

Fleximas supply fantastic product support to Garden Retailers and Builders Merchants and are committed to sourcing unique, market leading products that sell well in-store. In partnership with our manufacturers we offer a diverse retail product range with next day shipping on many items.

We've invested in eye-catching packaging to ensure products stand out in store and provides you with more opportunities to sell. In addition, our high visibility, branded display stands are great to stock best selling Fleximas products.

Weed Control

Geotextiles - Stabilisation & Drainage

Grass & Ground Reinforcement

Tree Protection

Artificial Grass

Building Meshes

Warning Meshes

Fencing Stakes

Site and Skip Nets

Plastic Meshes

Weld Meshes

Wire Netting

Metal Fencing

Anti-Insect Mesh

Anti-Bird Netting

Fruit Cage & Protection Netting

Crop & Plant Protection

Windbreaks & Shade Netting

Natural Screening

Screening & Shading

Canopies & Parasols

Shade Sails

Coolaroo Pet Beds


Trellis, Borders & Arches

Plant Support

Planting Bags & Tubs

Grow Tunnels


Metal Pins and Staples

Plastic Pegs

Ties and Wire


Snow Shovels

Ice Scraper


Display Solutions

Beauty and Tanning

Gardening Tools Eagle


Gardening Tools True Temper

Erosion Control

Garden Decoration