Fleximas supplies a huge range of Aquaculture products directly from the Netten and Intermas factories, which are long lasting and durable.

All products are made from 100% virgin polyethylene and polypropylene, with oxidation and UV protection applied.

Our range of products covers all requirements including

Oyster Bags
Growing oysters in bags "Poches" has become the bag of choice in most countries, due to the cost-effective quality and quantity of oysters obtained. Due to the product quality, strength and resistance, Fleximas oyster bags can be used for many, many years.

Mussel Growing Nets
Fleximas tubular mussel nets are used in the many different farming methods: long line, bouchot, hanging ropes and tables. We offer a very comprehensive range of products in terms of strength and mesh sizes, so the product can be used for different seed sizes and water conditions.

Packaging Nets
The high tensile strength of Fleximas packaging nets makes them ideal for packaging shellfish. They help reduce costs and increase efficiency by enabling large quantities of shellfish to be packed, stored and transported. A wide range of sizes and colours is available.

Cages for Fish Growing
Successful aquaculture in calm waters (bays, lakes, rivers etc) needs fish cages which have a high tensile strength to maximise the volume of fish grown. Fleximas fish cages are produced from HDPE with anti-UV and anti-oxidant additives and are available in a range or mesh sizes.

Nets for Fish Traps
Fleximas supplies traps especially designed for fish, octopus, crustacea, prawns and other shellfish. We offer the widest range of nets on the market, including rhombic, hexagonal and square nets, with different mesh sizes and widths.

Lantern Systems
The diamond shape of the Fleximas lantern system nets are made to maximize the growth of oysters, scallops, etc in hanging systems and deep waters in long lines or similar systems.

Our nets made of bi-oriented polypropylene and their lightweight yet extremely high tensile strength make these nets ideal for protecting clams from their different predators, (crabs, birds, etc).

Shade Nets
Fleximas supplies a wide range of meshes used for shade from 20% up to 100% and we can stitch rolls together, as well as band and eyelet to make a perfectly shaped shading product.