A vast range of products to support the Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Landscaping Industries

Through a large manufacturer network, including an 11-year partnership with Intermas Nets in Spain, Fleximas offers complete product support to support the Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Landscaping Industries.

Crop Protection, Turf Reinforcement, Fruit Cage netting and Anti-Insect meshes are just a few of the products available in our comprehensive range. Please use the left hand navigation to search all Agriculture and Horticulture products.

Crop & Plant Protection

Plant Support

Anti-Bird Netting

Fruit Cage & Protection Netting

Anti-Insect Mesh

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Grow Tunnels

Plastic Meshes

Weld Meshes

Wire Netting

Metal Fencing

Tree Protection

Windbreaks & Shade Netting

Screening & Shading

Shade Sails

Artificial Grass

Metal Pins and Staples

Plastic Pegs

Ties and Wire


Gardening Tools Eagle

Planting Bags & Tubs

Building Meshes

Site and Skip Nets

Grass & Ground Reinforcement

Fencing Stakes

Gardening Tools True Temper

Erosion Control

Geotextiles - Stabilisation & Drainage

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